How to improve employee engagement with creative scheduling strategies

Darren Deehan Workforce Management Sep 09, 2016 8 min read

When we talk about employees that are “engaged”, what we actually mean are those employees within your call centre that are motivated, enthusiastic about their company and excited about their future with that company. Essentially, if you are truly engaged at work it means being professionally happy. This is a huge trending topic in the call centre sector currently, and rightly so because of the nature of the work and the resulting impact on customer service.

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10 expert tips for a successful Workforce Management job interview

John Bhairoo Workforce Management Aug 24, 2016 9 min read

Post Brexit, the job market has seen a shift in that the number of people in the UK securing jobs has fallen for two months in a row, according to a recent BBC report. This makes it even more essential for WFM job seekers to perform in the right manner when given the opportunity to interview, as not doing so can have a detrimental impact.

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Three top tips to improve your real-time adherence battle plan

Charles Watson Workforce Management Aug 16, 2016 6 min read

Real-Time management is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of workforce management. This is where your employees are engaged with your customers, and the reputation of your business is directly impacted for the better or worse. Yet, it tends to get the least amount of attention when planning WFM strategy.

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Your call center forecast is probably missing this critical factor

Charles Watson Workforce Management Jul 28, 2016 6 min read

What do you think about when you forecast? For most people, it's the data, more specifically it's taking historical data, applying algorithms, then publishing a forward-looking set of projections based on that. Many forecasters spend 90% or more of their time on the "historical" part of forecasting. However, what's happened in the past is only part of the equation when looking forward. This is just the start.

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[Podcast] Top tips to maximise your call centre web chat strategy - Part 1/2

injixo Workforce Management Jul 20, 2016 13 min read

Web chat is one of the fastest growing contact channels. From the customer perspective, it’s instant, it’s easy and it’s text based. For the call centre it offers some tempting efficiency gains over phone calls and the chance to improve customer engagement. But the old saying ‘the devil is in the detail’ definitely applies here. In this podcast we discuss the pros and cons of chat, as well as providing some tips for getting chat right in your operation. Chris Dealy of injixo is joined by industry experts Carolyn Blunt (LinkedIn, Twitter), Managing Director of Real Results Training, and Tina Squire (LinkedIn), Strategic Contact Centre Operations Director at Interact CC.

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