[Podcast] Top tips to maximise your call centre web chat strategy - Part 1/2

injixo Workforce Management Jul 20, 2016 11 min read

Web chat is one of the fastest growing contact channels. From the customer perspective, it’s instant, it’s easy and it’s text based. For the call centre it offers some tempting efficiency gains over phone calls and the chance to improve customer engagement. But the old saying ‘the devil is in the detail’ definitely applies here. In this podcast we discuss the pros and cons of chat, as well as providing some tips for getting chat right in your operation. Chris Dealy of injixo is joined by industry experts Carolyn Blunt (LinkedIn, Twitter), Managing Director of Real Results Training, and Tina Squire (LinkedIn), Strategic Contact Centre Operations Director at Interact CC.

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10 daily habits of successful workforce planners - Part 2/2

Chris Dealy Workforce Management Jun 29, 2016 2 min read

In Part 1/2 of this post series we listed the first 5 daily habits of a successful workforce planner: keeping an eye on the figures, reacting quickly and appropriately to intraday issues, offering time off at short notice, processing holiday requests quickly and making time for learning.

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How can I make Omnichannel work in my Call Center?

Maggie Klenke Workforce Management Jun 20, 2016 7 min read

The days of contact centers handling only inbound phone calls are certainly waning if not over. Many centers now handle emails, web chats, text messaging, make outbound calls, and some are taking on video interactions and social media as well. Vendors are offering integrated queuing that can line up mixed media in the same queue so that agents take a variety of contacts types. The question is, what if any of this omni-channel queue capability will be beneficial to your center, staff and customers?

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10 daily habits of successful workforce planners - Part 1/2

Chris Dealy Workforce Management Jun 13, 2016 3 min read

Some planners seem always to be in control of the situation, while others are frequently in panic mode. This may appear to be the result of differing personality types or even genetic makeup but in reality, all successful planners incorporate a few good habits into their daily routine.

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Is Customer Obsession a double edged sword?

Carolyn Blunt Customer Service May 31, 2016 4 min read

Getting customer service right every time – now that’s customer obsession for you. Striving for perfection, anticipating what the customer wants, giving them more than they expect, it’s a goal that most of us strive to achieve. Sometimes we get it right, but more often than not things go wrong. We simply can’t be perfect all the time, we are human after all. Considering this, is customer obsession something we should be implementing in our organization? Are there times when it can do more harm than good, regardless of it being a positive thing to aspire to?

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