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Why do people love working for InVision Group?

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Ask any of our employees and they’ll tell you that InVision is not a regular IT company. This year we may be celebrating 20 years of developing sophisticated Workforce Management (WFM) software applications, but we continue to embrace the latest techniques, we have a refreshingly dynamic company culture and a brilliant working environment.

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It’s tricky to put into words what makes us different, but here we’ve tried to extract some of the ingredients in our secret recipe.

We focus on delighting our customers

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But here we all really are passionate about developing and delivering a product that’s the best in its market - and that makes our customers happy. This isn’t just altruism. As a true cloud vendor, most of our customers are on pay-as-you-go subscriptions, so we have a strong motivation to make sure that they continue to subscribe. We are constantly enhancing our products and part of the beauty of the cloud is that customers get access to enhancements without having to lift a finger. We use the principles of the Lean Startup to find customer reaction to new features as soon as possible and thus remove waste and increase speed in the development process.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating; our customer churn rate is vanishingly small, our user base is growing rapidly and our finances are strong. Check out our Blog, our injixo YouTube channel and the results of an independent survey to hear what our customers think of us.

darren-deehan.jpg“I like working at InVision a lot. I enjoy experimenting with innovative ways of doing things and I appreciate the fact that here, I am given the freedom to do just that. I take great satisfaction from seeing new customers come on board, loving our products, staying with us and spreading the word. The work that I do fits exactly with my vision of how I want to develop my professional career; It gives me the chance to enhance the skills I already had and carve out new ones that I didn’t know I had or lacked the confidence to build. I can honestly say that I have no plans to stop working at InVision but what I know for sure is that if or when that day comes, I will be more prepared for the next chapter than I was on 1st November 2011”. Darren Deehan, UK

chris-dealy.jpg“I was attracted to join InVision during its early days in the UK. I saw a cool product that customers would love and group of guys who were passionate about it; I wanted to be part of a company that was going somewhere. That was ten years ago. Since then our user base has exploded and continues to grow exponentially, so we must be doing something right! There has been lots of growth and change in ten years - one of our mottos is ‘Change is Good!’ - but what has remained constant is the buzz I get from being surrounded by knowledgeable, enthusiastic innovators who are all at the top of their game”. Chris Dealy, UK

We’ve ditched management hierarchy

At InVision, every employee is empowered to take the initiative and act in the best interests of the company and our customers. We have a completely flat organisation, adopting the #NoManagement principle. Our people don’t wait for instructions from superiors or perform tasks by the book every time. Teams are trusted to work together to find the best possible solutions to problems - and to put them straight into action. Improvement ideas go from brainwave to implementation without waiting for a management approval process.

paul-stitt.jpg“I work with a fantastic, supportive team who have been great mentors, colleagues, and companions from the outset. I enjoy the autonomy and flexibility that I am given in my role and the trust that is bestowed upon me to deliver a quality service. There is a real sense of family and belonging at InVision. It is a truly unique company to work for and this is the best job I’ve ever had”! Paul Stitt, UK

We don’t have rigid role definitions or fancy job titles

In today’s post-industrial, knowledge-based economy, a rigid silo organisation simply doesn’t work. Role definitions limit flexibility to respond to the needs of the business and its customers - and just as importantly, prevent employees from bringing their unique knowledge and expertise into play. At InVision, colleagues from different disciplines come together to form top-notch teams. We don’t let job titles and departmental boundaries stop us assembling the group best placed to deliver a great result. What counts is skill and ability to contribute, not which ‘department’ you used to belong to.

‘Senior Global Chief Executive VP Head of Everything’ sounds amazing. But it’s not for us. Don’t be confused when you don’t see a job title in our email signatures or on our social media profiles. We measure our progress by achievements and contribution to company success, not by having the word ‘manager’ in our job title.


ashley-kalcic.jpg“As a fresh college graduate without industry experience injixo took a chance on me and I am so very grateful they did. As part of the injixo family for the past 6 years, I have been provided with countless opportunities for professional growth and development. I feel proud to be part of such an innovative, adaptive, and supportive culture. Our no management philosophy provides me with the freedom to pursue my interests and empowers me to take initiative”. Ashley Kalcic, US

We don’t punch the clock

Lots of companies talk about work/life-balance. At InVision we mean it. We realise that some people are early birds and others are night owls. Some of us have personal commitments outside work. That’s why at InVision you decide for yourself if 7am or 10am is the perfect time to start your working day. It’s not the hours you put in, it’s what you put into the hours. It’s not about where and how you work, it’s about the results that you achieve. We are all dedicated and hard working, but we do make time for fun and we are able to pursue our personal goals as well as our work goals.

cheryl-stewart.jpg“InVision allowed me to work from home full time after moving to Florida when my grandmother-in-law came under our care. I have traveled to other countries like Germany, Canada, and Jamaica. #no management allows me to be more involved with the direction of our product without the politics that other companies face. I also don't have to worry about messy approval processes for vacation... If the team says it is okay then it is okay to take vacation”! Cheryl Stewart, US

We constantly innovate

We are technology leaders, not followers. We have been pushing forward the state-of-the art in WFM since we were founded. Our award-winning software is the subject of a number of patents; We pioneered cloud WFM back in 2011; we made call centre e-learning accessible and affordable in 2013; We have adopted the Agile methodology and the principles of the Lean Startup including the No Management concept. Our developers use the latest technologies; We all use Apple Macs; And everyone is encouraged to actively learn, researching and suggesting new technology that keeps us ahead of the game.


esme-bollenbeck.jpg“InVision has been the place to work for me for the past 15 years. I have lost count of the number of technological and cultural innovations we have gone through during this time. We are continuously re-inventing this great company. We're currently moving into two completely new offices, one in Düsseldorf, Germany, the other in Derry, Northern Ireland. Both reflect openness, easy communication and fun - the fuel for our creativity”. Esmé Bollenbeck, Germany

At InVision, open is the new black

How many times do you hear people complaining about poor communication at work and ‘mushroom management’? Not at InVision. Here the default communication mode is open and this can be seen in many ways. We don’t have any closed offices containing one desk - everyone works in an open plan office with large tables where teams gather to collaborate. Of course sometimes you need some peace and quiet, so we also have silent rooms and a library.


We don’t send each other emails; instead we use Slack, which lets employees subscribe to channels of interest and constantly stay in the loop - and jump in when they have an idea. We don’t save any files locally; all documents are saved on Google Drive and apart from software source code, accessible to all.


“At InVision, no decisions are made behind closed doors. We don’t depend on ‘management’ giving us an edited version of the facts. Our open-plan offices and tools like Slack and Trello mean that there is no reason to be out of the loop on any activities that go on within the company. This I find a refreshing change and it's one of the reasons why I find it so rewarding to work here”. Aitor Tomás Pin, Spain

The acid test

There’s a theory that good people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers. Our forward-thinking no-management culture has enabled us to build an all-star team with very low staff turnover, which is rare in this industry. We think we may be onto something…

dean-couchman.jpg“InVision is simply the best company I have worked for. Great supportive colleagues and mentors from day one enabling a quick and seamless ramp up into the company. I get to deal with all aspects of the business, from product development, training and support through to business decisions to push the company forward. Every day brings new and exciting challenges which provide a great stimulus for developing myself and moving the software and company forward. Autonomy and flexibility really play a big part - not only do I find the approach which works best for me, but also provides a feeling of ongoing achievement. At injixo I’m not just a face in the crowd, I’m part of a unified global group working as one. Since joining injixo three and a half years ago I have had a second family - can’t beat it!” Dean Couchman, UK

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Originally published on Jul 14, 2015, updated on Feb 27, 2020

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