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Peter Massey is Managing Director and co-founder of Budd UK Ltd. For the last 10 years, in the UK and internationally, he has focused on reducing customer effort: why companies cause customers to contact them at all and how to optimise customer experiences online and in person. He is a serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker with significant alumni and businesses in the "customer" space. An expert in customer experience and operations, for growth, sales and service. Peter is also Chair of the UK’s Chief Customer Officer Forum of leading client experts, sharing best practice. Follow Peter on LinkedIn and Twitter.

How to manage growth for the business without growth in the contact centre – part 2/2

Peter Massey Workforce Management Jul 06, 2017 8 min read

Last time in my first article we talked about reframing the conversation with your peer group around the boardroom table. By providing analysis and intelligence. By talking about what’s useful for growth and revenues, rather than answering your very own "Jeremy Paxman’s” quick fire questions about costs and problems.

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How to manage growth for the business without growth in the contact centre – Part 1

Peter Massey Workforce Management May 30, 2017 6 min read

On a Monday night, if I’m in our local pub at about a quarter to eight, the world slowly goes dark as if the light has been sucked out of the room. Its not the death-eaters from Harry Potter, but it feels just like that. Then promptly at eight, the light returns as the tall masons, in their black suits, all take their pints next door.

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