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The Ultimate Guide to Improve Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

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The Ultimate Guide to Improve Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

This is an extensive guide to help you solve the employee engagement problems in your contact center. Learn all about why employee engagement matters, how to find out if your employees are disengaged, and which practical steps to take to increase employee engagement.

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For a very brief introduction to employee engagement, visit our Workforce Management Explained page. You might also want to download our e-book: The Complete Call Center Employee Engagement E-Book.

Why does employee engagement matter for contact centers?

The reasons are numerous like better customer experience, less agent turnover, and more productivity and profitability. Get an overview with this infographic

Impact on customer service: Learn about the impact of employee engagement on customer service in this webinar. The focus of the webinar is on professional development in the contact center.

Why do agents feel disengaged?

Disengagement & agent turnover: Disengaged agents often leave the contact center. Some reasons for agent fluctuation are well-known. Other factors get overlooked frequently. Learn why your agents leave or stay.

Signs of disengagement: There are clear signs when employees are disengaged. In this blog post, we talk about them.

What are successful strategies to increase employee engagement?

Best practices: Training, pay, the right environment, good leadership, career advancement opportunities - there are many successful strategies that can go a long way in motivating agents. Learn how to implement them. Read now.

Incentive system: Rewards can play a vital role in motivating contact center employees. Here are some ideas that worked well for other contact centers. Get started.

Psychological insights: Some successful strategies rely on psychological insights into the nature of human motivation. Among these are immediate and personal feedback and direct communication. Learn more.

Avoiding common pitfalls: Learn from the mistakes of other contact centers and avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to employee engagement. Read now.

Fixing Mondays: A special type of engagement problem in contact centers are Mondays. They often come with exceptionally high levels of absenteeism. This blog post explains what contact centers can do about it, focusing on job enrichment and other strategies. Learn more.

How can the WFM team contribute to employee engagement?

Incentivized scheduling: WFM can directly and effectively impact employee engagement with a series of different measures that go under the term of incentivized scheduling. These include e.g. shift bidding, shift swapping, incentivizing flexibility, and the right use of idle times. Get started today.

Using a WFM tool: As a planner with a WFM tool, you have more possibilities to engage your agents. You can also engage them in a more efficient way. One of the major advantages of a WFM tool is that scheduling gets much more accurate. This results in a better schedule fit for agents. Employees are more likely to get the shifts they need to balance their job with their personal life. Workloads are more balanced, as well. You avoid agent burn out due to high pressure or bore-out due to not enough work. In total, there are 6 major features of WFM software that help increase employee engagement. Read now.

Involving agents: An atypical yet successful strategy is to involve agents in planning discussions and decisions. Sounds a bit scary? If you do it right, this can be a game changer. Try it out.

eNPS: You can track employee engagement with the help of Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). Learn what it is, how it works, and the role that the planning team plays to increase it (e.g. by using shift trades, shift swaps as well as tracking shrinkage and occupancy). Implement eNPS is your contact center.

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