2018 Contact Centre WFM Benchmarking Study - powered by injixo

injixo News Sep 04, 2018 2 min read

London, England:  injixo is running a comprehensive study of WFM professionals to reveal how today’s contact centres compare in the practices they use across the planning cycle, the channels they plan for, the KPIs they use, the size of the planning team and many other parameters. The survey is not limited to users of injixo WFM, it is open to planning professionals in all industries and users of all software tools, even spreadsheets.

"With our 2018 WFM Benchmark Study we would like to uncover what's really going on in WFM and the UK contact centre landscape. With a comprehensive survey tailored to WFM professionals, we aim to reveal common practices and relevant performance benchmarks in contact centre planning today" says Lara Klinkenberg, Inbound Marketing Manager at injixo. 

Talking to planning professionals, we have found an information gap in the WFM market. There are little up-to-date facts and figures about typical forecast accuracy, adoption of omnichannel planning or even the ratio of planners to agents. We decided to fill this gap by launching a survey and inviting planning practitioners to contribute. We will share the results openly later in the year, but contributors will get the analysis the moment it is published”.

They survey was developed with the help of internal and external WFM experts and experienced planning professionals with a track-record and background in the contact centre industry.

The results of the survey will enable readers to get valuable insights into the current state of Workforce Management operations in UK-based contact centres. It will also help WFM professionals to benchmark their performance with their industry peers and identify areas for improvement.

The survey is divided into multiple categories, including

  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Realtime management
  • MI and Reporting
  • Employee engagement

The survey is fully anonymous and takes about 5 minutes to complete. The link to survey can be found here.


Share your insights in the 2018 Contact Centre WFM Benchmark Survey jixo_idea

We need you! Take part in the 2018 WFM Benchmark Survey today and save your free  copy of the full report when it's released.  




About injixo:

injixo is a cloud-based all in one WFM tool for contact centres of all sizes. With over 130 UK customers ranging in size from 30 to over 2,000 agents, injixo helps contact centres to optimise their entire workforce management process and covers everything they need from forecasting and scheduling to intraday management, reporting and agent engagement.

With injixo WFM, contact centres can spend less time and effort on manual planning and scheduling while focusing on what really matters: their employees and customers.