“Enlightening, Eye-opening, Inspiring” - Watch the Expert Talks of PlanCon UK 2019

injixo WFM Strategy Nov 05, 2019 3 min read

"Thought provoking... Insightful... Invaluable… Informational... "

That’s how attendees rated this year’s PlanCon in Manchester UK and we’re both happy and grateful for the overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback we got.

The positive feedback on this year's PlanCon in Manchester (UK) shows that the event has really evolved into a true value-adding format for both WFM professionals and injixo customers. And it makes us work hard to make next PlanCon even better, tailoring it to the individual needs and preferences of industry professionals like you. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s event and special thanks also go to our partner Freshworks. The injixo team is already looking forward to welcoming you at PlanCon 2020 when it's on again to #plansmarter.


(Re)watch the talks of PlanCon

We have recorded and uploaded some of the best talks of PlanCon UK 2019. (Re)watch them now as you wish:


The true PlanCon experience

Watching talks is great. But if you want to experience what PlanCon is truly all about, there’s no substitute for going to the live event.

PlanCon’s focus is on interaction, support and networking and you will get plenty of that during round tables or by directly talking to industry experts, speakers and injixo’s developers and customer success representatives. Subscribe to our blog to be notified as soon as we open registration for PlanCon UK 2020.


Haven’t been to PlanCon yet? Here’s why you might want to join next time:

Benefits for WFM experts

  • Inspiring, thought-provoking talks by renowned industry experts
  • Latest news and updates about WFM best practices
  • Lots of interactive round-table sessions to discuss your questions and share best practices
  • Exchange and networking with fellow professionals and industry experts

Benefits for customers

  • All of the above. Plus:
  • Introduction to the latest injixo features
  • In-depth discussions and Q&A on new features with developers and customer success representatives
  • Sneak peek of upcoming features for injixo
  • Top tips on how to unleash the full power of injixo


To conclude, what could summarize the spirit of this year’s PlanCon better than the feedback of our attendees:

  • Eye opening day for the future of planning as a whole!”
  • Fantastic run event for professional resource planning experts with excellent keynote speakers.”
  • Room full of positive minds all wanting to learn and share.”
  • “This event is your perfect introduction to the wonderful world of WFM. I encourage individuals who have just joined this sector to attend this enlightening event to gain valuable insights from seasoned professionals.”


About the host

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PlanCon is an event powered by injixo – an award-winning workforce management platform for contact centres of all sizes. With over 130 UK customers ranging in size from 30 to over 2,000 agents, injixo helps businesses to optimise their entire workforce management process and covers everything they need from forecasting and scheduling to intraday management, reporting and agent engagement to accelerate and master contact centre planning.