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Introducing the injixo open integrations API

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Introducing the injixo open integrations API

What is the open integrations API?

The injixo open integrations applications programmer interface (API) enables injixo customers and routing platform vendors to create seamless data integrations with injixo, when a plug-and-play integration doesn’t exist. The API makes it possible to send contact events and agent status events to injixo using industry-standard protocols.

Why is it important?

Workforce management (WFM) is one of those applications that depends on the quality of integration with the customer’s contact routing platform, for example, the automatic call distributor (ACD):

  • To forecast future workload and staffing requirements, you need historic data such as contact volumes and average handling times
  • You can’t effectively manage a contact center in real-time without an up-to-date view of contact metrics such as contact volumes. You need to be able to detect deviations from plan and react quickly and effectively on the day
  • You can’t easily manage agent schedule adherence without a clear picture of the current status of all your agents

In theory, it’s possible to enter data manually into a WFM system, but this is very time-consuming and prone to error. Even then, it’s not practical to enter the data more frequently than once per day, so real-time management and adherence monitoring are not possible with the manual approach.

injixo includes a large and growing catalog of plug-and-play integrations with routing platforms. The cloud contact routing market is fast-moving. New cloud ACDs and omnichannel contact routing platforms are being launched all the time. It’s almost impossible for WFM vendors to constantly launch new off-the-shelf integrations, so we’ve developed another solution: An open API that lets customers and ACD vendors create new, fully supported integrations using an established method.

Benefits of the open integrations API

Key benefits of the API include:

  • Timely: If the injixo integrations catalog doesn’t include an integration for your routing platform, there’s no need to wait for injixo to develop one. Customers can create one in collaboration with their ACD vendor, supported by the injixo customer experience teams in their region.
  • Industry-standard: The API uses a widely-understood, modern method for integration (REST), so no special tools or training is required.
  • Future-proof: The API uses the latest integration platform from injixo, which is subject to constant innovation and support.

How do I get started?

Setting up an integration using the integrations API is not something typically done by the end-user of injixo. It requires knowledge of the REST architecture and associated topics such as HTTPS requests and JSON. Your routing platform vendor or your IT department may have the necessary skills, and your local injixo customer experience team can provide guidance. In all cases, co-operation with the vendor of the routing platform is a must-have.


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