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PlanCon UK (Vol. 2): 2019s Must-Attend Workforce Management Conference

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PlanCon UK (Vol. 2): 2019s Must-Attend Workforce Management Conference

October 2nd & 3rd 2019 | etc. venues Manchester

Press release - September 12, 2019

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Manchester, England: The entire injixo Team is excited to announce Volume 2 of PlanCon - the must-attend WFM Best Practice Conference for injixo Customers, WFM Experts and CC Professionals around the world.

Are you ready to plan smarter, level-up contact centre planning and become a WFM Game-changer? Then get your free ticket for PlanCon UK 2019 on October 2nd/3rd and join the WFM Revolution. 

PlanCon is a two-days event packed with WFM best practices, trends, inspiring keynotes, industry expert talks and networking. In a nutshell - a special conference tailored to Contact Centre Professionals and WFM Heroes that is designed to provide the inspiration, education and connections which will empower you to skyrocket Contact Centre Planning and deliver outstanding customer service.

Why you should attend:

  • Listen to inspiring keynotes brought to you by industry thought leaders and WFM experts from around the world.
  • Take part in exciting round tables, exchange planning best practices and discuss new approaches with your peers and industry experts.
  • Learn about the latest WFM best practices and industry trends.
  • Discover the innovative techniques that are transforming contact centres and workforce management today.
  • Meet fellow professionals and industry experts during the event and at the drinks reception after-party.
  • Benefit from free admission and spend a great day with us in a vibrant, modern location in the heart of Manchester.


WFM Best-Practice Conference - October 2nd, 2019

The first day of the event (Wednesday, October 2nd) features an agenda packed with presentations by leading independent thought leaders and panel discussions with skilled practitioners, everyone in the contact centre planning space will find valuable takeaways to implement into their business.

Learn more about Day 1 of PlanCon - WFM Best Practice Conference open to all CC professionals with an interest in contact centre planning and best-practice sharing. 

Expert Keynotes

Here’s a brief overview of our expert speakers during the day and their inspiring keynotes you should not miss:


“Latest thinking in contact centre scheduling”

Jonty Pearce - Editor, Call Centre Helper

Jonty Pearce is the Editor of Call Centre Helper. He first walked into a Call Centre in 1990 and has been hooked ever since. Jonty is widely recognised as one of the leading figures in the Contact Centre industry and under his editorial guidance has built up the readership of Call Centre Helper. Call Centre Helper started publication over 15 years ago as an online magazine for the call centre community. We have now grown to be a leading publisher in the sector with over 200,000 monthly readers on our website. In addition to the magazine we run a popular weekly webinar series. Jonty has often appeared on TV, BBC Radio and in the press. Matt Rudd of the Sunday Times, even named a law after him – ‘The Law of Jonty’.

In his inspiring keynote, Jonty will walk us through some of the latest thinking in contact centre scheduling and will cover new scheduling algorithms, explore questions such as how to get staff on board and dealing with last minute time off requests as well as annual leave. He will also talk about the best shift patterns and frequent scheduling mistakes in contact centre planning.


“WFM 2.0 - what does the future hold?”

John Casey - Resource Planning Expert, CCPlanning


John Casey is a resource planning veteran, having worked within the discipline for 25 years. He has a passion for working within Outsourcing / BPO organisations due to the variety of challenges it throws up on a day to day basis. John has also spent a large chunk of his career helping other planners with their issues and problems, promoting Best Practice and also teaching resource planning concepts.  As a core influence in the design of the BSc (Hons) programme for contact centre planners at Ulster University, John is a true expert in his field and still devotes much of his time tutoring on this programme.

In his talk, John will explore WFM 2.0. and how Workforce Management is evolving. At last year’s PlanCon event, John took us with his exciting keynote on “Resource Planning: Back to the future” through the ways in which planning had stayed still in the past 10 years - this year, he will explore the core questions being asked by Planners today with top tips on how to implement solutions effectively. As the continuous drive for efficiency in our business world is encouraging and requiring planners nowadays to become more innovative. This is where John will start diving into the topic of WFM 2.0. In his keynote, he will provide you with the latest insights, ideas and recommendations for day to day planning and process optimization in your contact centre.

mhw 3 (1)

“Contact Centre Mega Trend: AI takes over from Cloud as the new disrupter”

Martin Hill-Wilson, Chair, Keynotes, Masterclasses & Value Driven Assignments - Brainfood.


Martin is a Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement strategist and facilitator. He provides keynotes, masterclasses and transformation frameworks on omni-channel contact strategy, customer based quality management, emotion management for customer engagement and AI driven customer service.

In his keynote, Martin will talk about how AI technologies are reshaping customer interaction and contact centre management. The net effect will be a fundamental shift from reactive, back footed management to highly responsive engagement that always seeks to anticipate customer needs.

Even so, technology can only enable. It will require a new mindset, vision and set of competencies to pivot in such a fundamental way. It is doubtful whether many current leadership teams will survive that journey without injecting new perspectives and ambition into their collective thinking. Now is the time to imagine how things will become. Let Martin take you on a fascinating journey about contact centre trends and benefit from helpful take-aways to steer your cc operations into an AI-driven future.

Steven Miller

“Does Size Matter … in Planning?”

Steven Miller, Resource Planning Manager - North Yorkshire County Council Multi Channel Contact Centre 


Steven is a rising star in Resource Planning and Silver Winner For Resource Planning at the 2019 UK National Contact Centre Awards. In his keynote, Steven will walk you through a real-practice case study from his business North Yorkshire County Council with valuable insights and helpful take-aways on how they have mastered their Resource Planning Cycle and the successfully introduced injixo as a Workforce Management Solution to level-up contact centre planning. Steven will further elaborate on the topic of organization size and how it affects your resource planning cycle.

Highlight: Expert Panel 

Ask the Experts: WFM tips and tricks you will need in 2020

As a special highlight this year, we managed to get a true WFM guru and our dear injixo Blog author Charles Watson to fly over from the US and moderate a panel discussion with various experts in the field. 


Charles Watson, Head of WFM - ebay

Panel Moderator and WFM Guru 


Charles will be the panel moderator and engage, challenge as well as lead the discussion around latest tips and tricks you should know about for 2020. Charles is a veteran of contact centres and workforce management, with over 20 years’ of experience across various industries. As a thought leader in contact centre planning, he has published over 50 blogs and lead several webinars to help workforce management professionals deliver superior planning results for their organizations. He is currently heading up workforce management at eBay, where he oversees the workforce management strategy and delivery for their global contact centres

Our Panelists

1. Christine Chapman, Independent Call Centre Resource Planning Consultant

Christine has worked in Resource Planning in Contact Centres for over 20 years and focuses on delivering WFM best practice and training in projects across the world, as well as workshops for CCMA and tutoring for the University of Ulster. 

2. David Preece, Head of Programme Delivery at The Forum

David has been involved in the world of Contact Centre Planning since 1999 covering all disciplines in roles at companies like Amazon, Talk Talk, Vertex and Cooperative Bank. He is a passionate advocate of Real-Time Automation that spent almost three years at QStory before recently stepping into his dream role as Head of Programme Delivery at The Forum.

3. Doug Casterton, Head of Global Workforce Planning & Scheduling at TripAdvisor

Doug has over 17 years’ experience in WFM leadership roles both in the UK and Singapore. He has won multiple awards, including an innovation award, for 'Strategic Collaboration' awarded by Professional Planning Forum - 1 part leadership, 2 parts geek, and 3 parts family man - As a huge believer in “you reap what you sow” and “giving out what you most want to get back” Doug has been writing on the subject of WFM through his expert blog  for 7+ years, is a serial social media commentator on the subject and hosts a Telegram WFM best practice group containing over 280 members from all parts of the globe.

4. John Casey, Resource Planning Expert at CCplanning


injixo WFM User Conference - October 3rd, 2019

The second day (Thursday, October 3rd) of the event - the injixo User Conference - is exclusively reserved for our dear injixo Customers and covers topics such as latest injixo product news and updates, roundtable discussions, feature presentations and all the tips and hints you need to leverage the full potential of injixo WFM for effective contact centre planning.

Product News Sessions & Roundtables

Want to learn what’s cooking, what we have shipped and what the injixo team is working on to continuously optimize your product experience and build a software you love?

Then don’t miss out on our product news and updates session covering everything you need to know about injixo. Our development and software engineering teams will present the latest features and a product outlook in dedicated 15 minute slots to give you insights into our daily work in which we continuously strive to build simple solutions for your hard problems, every day anew.

Our product news sessions will cover the following topics: 

  • Integrations: new products and software solutions that you can seamlessly integrate with injixo WFM to make contact centre planning a breeze.
  • Forecasting: new usability optimizations, enhancements and improvements to build the best and smartest forecast you have ever seen.
  • Scheduling: latest updates and new features that set you up for success in contact centre scheduling.
  • Intraday Management: an overview of what’s cooking in terms of intraday management features to help you to effectively manage and oversee intraday changes throughout the day.

Expert Talks

Here’s a brief overview of some of our expert speakers during the day and their inspiring keynotes you should not miss.



“How to use Speech Analytics to Supercharge Your Planning”

Steve Woosey & David Davies, Inspire 


Common deployments of speech analytics focus on looking for waste demand and process improvement opportunities all of which are valid, but why limit the possibilities when the richness of data and insight could be so powerful. Tapping into the amazing power of speech analytics can give you the answers you are looking for, understand why demand or AHT is changing but also where the opportunities are to improve.

Steve is an award winning industry recognised expert in Contact Centre management. Through work with Domestic and General and the Professional Planning Forum, he has managed a successful operation, trained and developed best practice in many individuals and centres across the UK. 

David has vast experience in the customer service world delivering support services to some of the biggest brands in the UK for the past 17 years. David’s work has taken him around the world looking at the latest technologies and advancements in the industry, helping him to deliver massive benefits to the businesses he has worked for.


ray (1)

“Plan Smarter with injixo Top Tips”

Dean and Ray  - injixo Customer Success 


Dean and Ray, our UK Customer Success Experts and highly skilled injixo whisperers are there to help you get the very best out of our WFM application. They will provide you with valuable tips and tricks to become a real injixo WFM Pro and share insights and best practices. Topics covered will look at what to consider when performing a shift review, useful settings you probably didn't know about as well as other hacks to set you up for success and be a WFM hero. 

Hands-On Workshops: WFM from start to finish.

Besides all the inspiring and insightful keynotes, we want to engage you in a conversation about WFM and get together in smaller groups in the course of hands-on WFM workshops. Together we will explore, discuss, and talk about topics such as: 

  • What is flexible scheduling in the modern world?
  • Best practices in Reporting and Analytics
  • A fresh approach to customer engagement with Freshworks (coming soon)

And ultimately share best practices and learn from each other to really live up to the motto of #plansmarter. In fact, tapping the wisdom of the crowd and leveraging collective capacity of the many brains from CC professionals and experts like you can be extremely valuable to get new insights, innovative ideas and tips to take home.

Feel the PlanCon vibe

Learn more about the highlights of the conference, watch our short teaser video and discover the top reasons why you should attend. 


What last year’s attendees said about PlanCon:

Here's what our attendees (e.g. AXA, NHS,, Daimler, Arvato, Bank of Ireland, Hollywood Bowl Group, Specsavers,, Eurostar and many more) said about PlanCon 2018: 

  • "Excellent event hosted by injixo and planning experts, a great combination! Very informative and will be looking to attend future events of this quality.“
  • "Excellent presentations, excellent choice of speakers, up to date and relevant."
  • “Great event that was a brilliant opportunity to learn.”
  • “The presentations were excellent, very informative and helpful.”
  • “Informal but professional conference which provides opportunity to have in depth discussions on WFM in general but also specific topics and development of new features.”
  • “The structure was clear, exceptionally well-paced and very informative. Honestly worth it; see you next time!”
  • “A really worthwhile day, great to meet people from the sector and hear about the trends and happenings.”
  • Had a great time meeting the injixo team and learning about new features - hope to see you in 2019!”
  • “I am looking forward to #PlanCon2019. Let's hope it's at least half as good.”

Flashback of PlanCon 2018


Now, pack your bags, book your free ticket and get ready for PlanCon 2019. The entire injixo team is excited to meet you in Manchester and spend an insightful and blazing day full of WFM best practices with you. Whether you’re a Planner, Forecaster, Scheduler, Real-time Analyst or Resource Planning leader, you should not miss this special event - a real breath of fresh air in the CC space. Unconventional, insightful and packed with lots of inspiration, fun and networking. 

PlanCon is a free event and seats are limited. Be sure to reserve your place now! Please note that this is a conference for Contact Centre Professionals and WFM Experts only and we reserve the right to decline other registrations.

About the host

Injixo-Logo wide

PlanCon is an event powered by injixo – an award-winning workforce management platform for contact centres of all sizes. With over 130 UK customers ranging in size from 30 to over 2,000 agents, injixo helps businesses to optimise their entire workforce management process and covers everything they need from forecasting and scheduling to intraday management, reporting and agent engagement to accelerate and master contact centre planning.

Our Partner

Freshworks provides innovative customer engagement software for businesses of all sizes, making it easy for teams to acquire, close, and keep their customers for life. Freshworks SaaS products provide a 360-degree view of the customer, are ready to go, easy to use, and offer quick return on investment.

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Originally published on Sep 12, 2019, updated on Oct 08, 2020

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