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Chris has specialised in WFM for call centres for 16 years. He frequently writes on the subject, he has helped countless companies to reap its benefits and knows the business case inside out. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Skills-based routing. Can you get the gain without the pain?

Chris Dealy Workforce Management Nov 14, 2016 7 min read

Skill-based routing (SBR) has been around almost since the dawn of call centres. Since then, call centres have become multi-channel contact centres and the move towards omnichannel communications means that SBR is more relevant than ever.

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10 daily habits of successful workforce planners - Part 2/2

Chris Dealy Workforce Management Jun 29, 2016 2 min read

In Part 1/2 of this post series we listed the first 5 daily habits of a successful workforce planner: keeping an eye on the figures, reacting quickly and appropriately to intraday issues, offering time off at short notice, processing holiday requests quickly and making time for learning.

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10 daily habits of successful workforce planners - Part 1/2

Chris Dealy Workforce Management Jun 13, 2016 3 min read

Some planners seem always to be in control of the situation, while others are frequently in panic mode. This may appear to be the result of differing personality types or even genetic makeup but in reality, all successful planners incorporate a few good habits into their daily routine.

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Eight scheduling mistakes to avoid

Chris Dealy Workforce Management Nov 26, 2015 12 min read

Resource Planning is a complex topic. There are numerous stakeholders and multiple, sometimes conflicting, objectives. In the heat of the battle, even seasoned practitioners forget the good practice that they have learned, ignore some key principles and fall into bad habits. In this post we draw on the experience of the InVision team and that of several industry experts to enumerate some of the mistakes that we have seen - and give some tips on how to correct them.

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Why do people love working for InVision Group?

Chris Dealy No-Management Jul 14, 2015 8 min read

Ask any of our employees and they’ll tell you that InVision is not a regular IT company. This year we may be celebrating 20 years of developing sophisticated Workforce Management (WFM) software applications, but we continue to embrace the latest techniques, we have a refreshingly dynamic company culture and a brilliant working environment.

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