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Charles Watson has over 20 years of experience in Contact Center operations helping companies of all sizes optimize their workforce. Charles was Vice President Global WFM at American Express Global Business Travel among many other Fortune 500 companies he served for. He is an industry expert on Workforce Management. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Your call center forecast is probably missing this critical factor

Charles Watson Workforce Management Jul 28, 2016 6 min read

What do you think about when you forecast? For most people, it's the data, more specifically it's taking historical data, applying algorithms, then publishing a forward-looking set of projections based on that. Many forecasters spend 90% or more of their time on the "historical" part of forecasting. However, what's happened in the past is only part of the equation when looking forward. This is just the start.

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Where is your contact center spend going?

Charles Watson Workforce Management May 10, 2016 7 min read

As workforce management calculates the number of staff required to support a contact center, they have to look at 4 critical factors. The first is the FTE required to do the actual work. In a perfect world, this would be your final number. However, that number has to be grossed up, significantly, to get to the total number of heads you actually have to employ to effectively run a contact center. The other factors that cause this number to balloon are: Lost time, Shrinkage, and Idle Time. In some contact centers, the FTE required for the actual work is only 50% of the employees being paid!

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